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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kaleidoscope QAL: Final Layout & Project to Project Design Wall

Usually I just use my floor to figure out how I want all my quilt pieces to go, but with all the pieces of the Kaleidoscope quilt, I knew the floor would not work. Then I saw over at Oh Franson that Elizabeth made her current design wall by simply pinning batting to the wall. SWEET! I can do that! So I grabbed a random piece and pinned it to the wall by my stairs and got this.

lol. It makes me laugh... it's pretty lame. ;)
But at least I could kind of get an idea of what I want to do...


I knew that to be able to arrange my whole quilt I would need a bigger piece of batting, but didn't want to cut out a random size and end up wasting a bunch of batting. Then it hit me! Duh! Just cut out the batting that I'll use for this quilt and pin that to the wall! 

Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy,has the final dimensions on her blog, so I cut out a piece a few inches bigger and pinned it to the wall above our bed! :) (that way I know  no little  hands will be playing with it.)

And voile! I think I have the final layout for my quilt. 

What do you think? It's a bit different than originally planned, and keeps my eyes a little more busy, but I think it's a little more interesting. Can you see the pattern that I used to arrange all the colors?

"Hubert" wanted to get in on the action too.

So here's my new Design Wall trick:

Whenever I have a new project or quilt, and I know what the final size will be, which I usually always do, cut the batting out for it and pin it to the wall. That way I don't have to keep something up permanently, which I don't really have a wall for right now. But I'll always have something that fits my current project.
PLUS, maybe the ever changing quilt blocks above our bed will be just that much more incentive for my hubby to let me have my own craft room when we get a bigger place. ;)



  1. What a brilliant idea you have there with the design wall. I might need to try that. I normally just use a fleece blanket but it's a bit small for the Kaleidoscope Quilt I'm making. With your layout, I can see the circles as well as a bigger one around that. It certainly does keep the eyes busy. Great job.

  2. Ooh, that's a great idea! And your layout looks great!


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