Sunday, July 3, 2011

Made It: Paper Crafts: Birthday Cards Tin

I actually made this a long time ago, but since I've been making some more cards again, I remembered this and thought I would share it with you! :)


It's a little tin that you can buy at Robert's or Michael's, or probably any craft store.
I simply covered it with cute paper and used my cricut to cut out the letters to label it with. (My SIL has a cute one like this for her recipes).

For the inside I made little dividers so I could categorize the different types of cards so they'd be easy to sort through and find later.

I labeled my dividers by month and then made a little birthday calendar to put on the front and back of each one. I still need to write some names in on the dates. ;) (The things I never seem to get to.)

They are simply made out of cardstock, with a small tab on the top. I printed out the months and glued them onto a piece of corrugated cardboard and then cut them out. Then I glued those onto the tabs. Same with the dates: printed them out, cut along the boarder and glued them on the fronts and backs of each divider. Super easy. I may or may not still have the document file I made up for these. If you would like a copy let me know. I'd be more than happy to pass them along! :)


I think I should make a section for "Thank You" cards.... and make some more cards to put in it!

If you make one of these I'd love for you to share it in the from blank pages... flickr group.


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