Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kona Love

I almost forgot! Over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting you can enter your Kona mosaic to win 2 yards of Kona Cotton. Yes please! :) I think the deadline is tomorrow, so you'll have to hurry. The voting starts on Monday, so I just might remind you to go vote for mine once or twice. heehee. ;)

Fluffy Sheep Quilting Kona Contest
1. Kona bright pink-215x215, 2. Kona School Bus K001-1482-215x215, 3. Kona Canary-215x215, 4.Kona ash-215x215, 5. Not available, 6. Kona Jade Green-215x215, 7. kona coal-215x215, 8. Kona Magenta-215x215, 9. Kona Turquoise-215x215

I think ultimately I would prefer a better purple, but I like the magenta just fine too. :)


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