Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catching Up

First I just have to say that this new blogger layout is kind of weird.... It always throws me through a loop when things change, and it's kind of wigging me out. Although I must say it does look nice! and modern. :) (kind of like going from dos to windows.) :) Does anyone remember that?! Can you believe that I had my own computer when I was in 5th(?) grade?! And it ran dos. And I would write letters in word perfect (I think that's what it was), and it had those big 5" floppies which mine had a bunch of games on them and I would play those all the time... like frogger. :) Fun memories. Boy do things change fast!

do.Good Stitches - Harmony - Sept Block 1
(Block 1 for Septembers do.Good Stitches)

Anyway, that was quite the side track!

August was a super crazy month! I feel like it came and went in a blink of an eye! Now that a few big events are over (like Standards Night for the YW's, boy was that kind of stressful), I feel like I can finally catch up on all the small projects that have been blown to the wayside. So, here's my reminder list of all the things I need to blog about and finish up! Oh, and did you notice how I changed up my blog?! I am still liking it, so I think it just might stay this way. :) Yay.

  1. My August blocks for do. Good Stitches
  2. My tutorial for the Sept. Block of do.Good Stitches. (I'm so excited to be a quilter and can't wait to get everyones blocks and see how it comes together! I'm hoping it's not a total flop!)
  3. The pouch I made for The {pretty} Little Pouch Swap
  4. finish up my other swap project for the Modern Swap
  5. ... it seemed like there were a few more finished projects that I never blogged about, I'll add them if I can remember them... 

Anyway, those are my top things I guess. Oh, and I also want to enter some links in the Travel Handmade linky party for bags. :) How fun! I'll have to post about that too...

  1. bags post for Travel Handmade linky party

Well, it's after 1 am, so I'm off to bed. :) Hope you've all had a great week! and thanks for stopping in!


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