Saturday, September 24, 2011


My cricut has been a busy bug. lol.

Ok, quick bug, as in I'm bugged. (ok, I really don't mean to use bug so much when referring to the cricut, but I just am!) I don't know if any of you out there have/use one, but it's useful. Well, I also LOVE Make the Cut! (MTC) It's the best software out there, but last summer cricut/Provo Craft suede MTC and told them, and any other 3rd party software, that they can no longer make their software compatible with the cricut. So that is really buggy for me because until I get a different cutter, I can not update my software (which has improved leaps and bounds since then) or my cricut (which I don't really care about, because I'm sure they haven't improved much of anything). :)  Anyway... I still like having it and using it, and luckily it stills works. So here I am showing you what I've done:

My sister is one of those Super Moms who does everything! Literally. She's the PTA sec, is the Team Mom for her sons football team, Primary President for her ward, I'm sure is involved with her daughters soccer team - but I can't think of anything specific. Anyway, and the list goes on. So, she enlisted me for the beginning gift of the football team, which turned out super cute!

She had me make all the boys names, along with their jersey numbers, and some symbols to represent their team, etc. to put on some water coolers. I love cutting out vinyl. Taking off all the extra stuff after it's been cut and it just looks so clean and sharp. I don't know, I like it.

Anyway, she sent me a picture of it all finished. Don't they look great?!


She also made some for all the of the cheerleaders (yes. It is an 8 year old football team that has cheerleaders. lol. Gotta love Texas sports!)


So that's that.

We also had our Young Women's Standards night the end of last month. It was kind of crazy, but for our gift for the girls, I made up a little vinyl saying for them that they could stick on their wall, or mirror, or whatever. It is quoted from the back of the For Strength of Youth pamphlet as a reminder of the choices you are making, "Am I living the way the Lord wants me to live?" I made one as an example and put it in a frame to hang on my wall. :)


Fun times! Fun vinyl!
Sometimes I wished I knew when/if we were ever going to move so I could put some stuff up on our walls if we really are going to be here forever. :) One day... I'm remaining hopeful. :)



  1. Dads would put them in football pads in the maternity ward if the nurses would let them. Thankfully my husband agrees they don't need to start playing in the womb.

  2. Those look really cute! I was also an 8 yr old cheerleader. Yep I'm from Texas too! Haha

  3. Couldn't do it without ya! Thanks sis! :)


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