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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Present


My step-sister got married a while ago, and I didn't get the binding put on her gift until last week. I don't know why... but it seems like I work my tail off to finish something, and then once I miss the deadline it floats around in unfinished project land for eternity. Well, not that long because now it's finished and I sent it last week, and she should have received it by now and I sure hope she likes it. :) and and and. Sometimes I have the worst grammar I think. It adds personality right?! uh, not so much. I'm sorry. :D

I asked her mom what her colors were for her kitchen and she said they tend so stick to sage, blues and browns. This is what I had in my stash and I sure hope she likes it!!


I was really tempted to paint my toenails to get this picture, but I haven't painted my toe nails for YEARS, so I decided not to. But I really love it! I don't love it as much looking at it close, or any where other than on the floor, but when it's on the floor (where it is meant to be) I LOVE it and I want to keep it. :) I think I'll have to make myself one. :)  (Update: I didn't realize that I never said what this is - a kitchen floor mat, for infront of the sink - and my sister thought it was a placemat and was a bit confused when I started talking about standing on it on the floor... lol! too funny! So just in case you were also confused... it's a floor mat/rug/whatever. :) )

the back

Anyway, I made a little hot pad to go with it. :)

DSC_0402 DSC_0403

Congrats! And I hope you are happy together forever!

I'm so glad we're sisters!



  1. Lol - at first I was thinking it was a place mat, and I was thinking that she probably wouldn't want you standing on it on the floor, painted toes or not! :) Very cute!

  2. Lol! That's awesome! I guess I never said anywhere what it is. :) it's a kitchen mat. :)


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