Monday, September 5, 2011

best. day. EVER!

Today was seriously the best day I've had in a long time. Maybe it's because the Mr was home, or because a friend came over to play with the boys this morning, or because I had a BLAST sewing today, or that it's so cool and beautiful today and I LOVE fall. Or it could be the total absence of stress - which has been a very unwelcome guest lately. I don't know. But it was full of contentment and peace. and it couldn't have been better. I am totally tempted to share the millions of photos I took while sewing today, but I think to end this day just right, I am going to go right to bed, and try to get to bed at least a little earlier tonight. I know I will be glad about it tomorrow. So perhaps tomorrow I'll have a plethora of photos to share...

Good night and sleep tight!! I hope you all had a wonderful day and weekend as well! :)

oh, and potty training totally flopped this weekend. Not that it flopped, but it didn't happen. They just weren't so into it, and I was too busy on Saturday to give it the attention that it needs... soon. I'm determined to just do this. and I think I'm almost ready... :)


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