Friday, July 1, 2011

am I crazy???

My sister periodically reminds me that I have Crafting ADD. It's true. I admit it. I am pretty good at pretending that I don't, and acting as if I totally have everything under control. But really, most of the time I am a mess. Though I am pretty collected about it. I guess I'm not a mess, but my house (crafting area) is a mess... so many projects I could probably pull some out of my ears. :)

So pretty much to keep my sanity, I have to look in the mirror now and then, and totally acknowledge and accept the fact that I have an addiction to crafty-business. I just can't stop!

My husband is the complete opposite. He likes to watch movies, and I often watch him while he watches movies and wonder how he stand to just sit there and do absolutely nothing while he watches. Sometimes it makes me jealous. :)

This is probably the worst timing - for myself (waiting for a new job, maybe moving - hopefully in the near future, just had a new baby) life is busy to say the least. But I really want to start something new: I'd love to be a part of a quilting bee. They look like so much fun! As well as join more of the quilt alongs that are going on everywhere (The Farmer's Wife QA, The Summer Sampler, the Skill Builder Sampler, and it seems like there was another one or two that looked fun. Not to mention the Kaleidoscope and Bottle Rainbows that I'm already doing). But alas, I am resisting... starting more, well, not really. I have been wanting to do more lately for others, and figure that I'll never be able to use up my stash of fabric for things for myself. What would I do with all of that? So why not make something for others.

Anyway, on my little humanitarian blog I started a little QA. It's just a month-to-month thing, each project will only be a month long from start to finish, and they will mostly just be wall hangings - which will then be donated and taken all over the world to orphanages to cover their blank walls. So I'm hoping to always come up with something fresh and bright to help bring some happiness to their lives.

Anyway, if you want to join me I would love some company!! This months theme is SUNSHINE and here's my little mock up of what I want to do... we'll see how it goes. :)

You can read more about this months theme and guidelines here.

There is also a linky that will be open all month where you can share your ideas and progress, as well as a flickr group to share pictures and your finished product.

Anyway, am I crazy for doing this? Probably. But I'm super excited for it and think it will be fun! :)


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