Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iowa or Bust!

Things have been a little topsy turvy around here, but for a good reason! 

Neil was out of town for a few days last week... then the phone call on Monday and ... we're MOVING!!!! Neil got a new job! Wahoo!!! We've been waiting a long time for this, and it has been worth it! We are going to be moving to Iowa (hence my blog title) and we are pretty excited for it!

He really loved it out there when he went out there for a few days, and said everyone was super nice! (My favorite part = no one locks their doors! Yes please!!! I am SO glad to not have to worry about crime and violence! Which I'm sure there is still some, but still. that speaks volumes for me.) 

We've also recently started watching American Pickers, before he got the job, and then at some point realized that it is based in Iowa. He even recognized a few places on the show! :) It's kind of a fun getting a sneak peak of where we're going to end up.

Neil still has a few weeks of work here before we need to pack up and move out, which means I have a few weeks to finish up sewing projects! Phew! ;) I also need to get my machine serviced since I can for free! (I will miss that service.) It's been a crazy mess of "what do I need to do now and what can wait?!" 

Otherwise we are basically trying to figure this all out and hope we don't end up living in a hotel for a month! lol. So far we've had NO luck finding anything to rent... and we'd love to get a house! :) Yippy! 

this was a post office I think?

But time will tell... I know June is going to sneak up faster on us than we'd like...and then I'll be in freak out mode! lol. 

Maybe I should be nervous now?! lol.
Neil told me that it flooded out there. eh, flood-schmood (sp?). I guess it really does flood!

If anyone has any good moving tips (we have three kiddos, no place to live, lol, yet. and who knows what else we haven't thought of yet) we'd love to know what you've got! :) I know we'll be fine. I think mostly we're still in shock a little bit that we're really actually going to move! 

I'm so giddy about this!

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  1. Iowa really is beautiful! We considered a move there a couple of years ago and loved it when we visited too! Hope you have a smooth transition and find the perfect house!

  2. I'm super excited for you guys and hope you nanage to find a place to live quickly!

  3. Congratulations to your husband for the new job !
    I'm sure you'll do just fine with the moving :)

  4. Seja feliz.Tenho certeza que Deus vai te ajudar a encontrar seu lugar,moradia,escola,amigos novos,não se preocupe.ELE não faz obra pela metade.Faça a sua parte e conte com ELE.Deus te abençoe e guarde e faça resplandecer sua face sobre ti.amém??Um grande beijo.

  5. I originally from the eastern side of SD, so I've spent some time in Iowa... You'll love the Midwest! Congrats on the move and good luck getting everything in order!

  6. So excited for you guys and glad I can stop crossing my fingers, it was starting to hurt ;-) Good luck with your last minute projects and packing!!

  7. Never been to Iowa and never heard of someone who is happy about not having to lock their door ;-) (always been a big city girl ;-)
    Hope everything will work out perfectly for you and you'll find a beautiful home!

  8. CONGRATULTATIONS!!! Y'all are NUTS moving with 3 little ones, but, oh man! how cool!

    The only moving advice I have is START NOW and PACK BOOKS IN SMALL BOXES. Seriously though, START NOW. If you do, you can take a little more time and ease everyone into it. I have no experience moving with babies, but expect you'll need all of the sanity you can muster. I also say this, of course, knowing that I would not heed this advice, wait until the last week, & then freak out while packing like a mad person ;)

    Good luck friend!

  9. What a great adventure! We just moved from Virginia to Idaho (not too depressing, though the winter JUST ended...lame) last August with out two kids.

    We brought lots of snacks and made sure they got to run around when we stopped. I don't know how old your kids are (ours were 1 and 2 at the time), but they did a really good job. Sleeping in a different room every night was the hardest part. They would ask, can we go back to the car now? We made sure to have their blankets at all times (they carry them everywhere).

    I hope everything goes well and that you find a place!

  10. Pack 2 boxes that you keep with you at all times - one for all the important papers/immunization records, etc. and one that's your "first" box that has all the things you HAVE to have IMMEDIATELY in your new home (may include toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates/plastic ware/cups, can opener, coffee pot & coffee, "loveys").

  11. I am glad you added "glad to not have to worry about crime" because for a second I thought you were excited that no one locks their doors so that you could more easily rob people ;-)

    Congrats again!!

  12. Good luck Diane. Nine years ago I moved from Sydney (australia's biggest city) to a country town (pop 100,000) in Victoria. I now live in a little village 15mins outside this town. Best thing we ever did. All the facilities (hospitals, unis, shops and schools) are close by but you don't have to worry about the kids so much, they have more freedom, more friends and people smile and say hello!!! and Melbourne (aust 2nd biggest) is and hour away. Fabulous. I hope it goes as well for you. Cheers, Karen.

  13. The two box idea is a good one. Also make a travel bag for each kid, with different things they can do in the car and snacks etc. Also carry tp in the car coz gaurenteed someone will have to pee when there is no bathroom for miles and miles ;)

  14. I have a hefty 13 moves under my belt, so here's my advice, for whatever it's worth.
    Start packing now. All the stuff you never use. Very clearly label all boxes, especially if you have to throw your spice rack in a box of clothing [seriously, label to the amount that you might be embarrassed by the amount of labeling]. Instead of packing towels in their own box, use them here and there to cushion valuables. Get your kids involved in the moving at the other end by having them be responsible for taking all the tape off the boxes or something [my parents used to pay us a nickel an item when we were little to remove labels when the Army moved us]. For the car trip there I'd recommend packing a surprise box for each kid that can go under/next to their seat. Some stuff they can help pick out, but some things should be surprises so they're excited for moving day and not dreading it [travel games, books, maybe a new CD to play in the car, etc]. Twisty tie all your cords as you're putting them in boxes so they're not a hot mess when you pull them out later. Use small boxes even when you think you don't need them, especially with books. I only packed clothes in medium size boxes this last time I moved. I like the idea of 2 "important" boxes but I wouldn't even pack them in boxes in case they get mixed in with everything...get a plastic storage box or use one you have so you know that it isn't normal packed stuff. Make sure you forward your mail like 10 days before you're actually going to be there because the service doesn't start automatically after you set it up and you don't want something to get lost in the between time. Also, I like packing dryer sheets in the boxes of clothes so they don't smell like cardboard when they come out of the box. Oh, also, don't pack anything with newspaper because it will get your stuff dirty. And clean everything before you put it in the boxes so you know for sure it's good right out of the box at the other end.
    Phew, that was a lot!
    I feel for you, moving kinda sorta sucks, and it always seems to mess up your life for like a month. But it's exciting to get to decorate a new place! :)

  15. You'll love Iowa.... I know I do. I have been living here since 1993. Welcome! :)

  16. I have been in Iowa since 1985. It is a great state! I'm not sure what part you're moving to, or if your interested in this sort of thing, but there is a Modern Quilt Guild in Des Moines. I know your style would fit in! Good luck on your move with 3 kiddos!


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