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Sunday, May 13, 2012

May is Definitely Celebration Month!

We celebrated one birthday this last week! (Little M is now 1!!!) :) Mother's Day today, (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL WOMEN OUT THERE! Mother or not!!) Another birthday this week, plus so many in the extended family this month!

Then in the blogging world, there is May Giveaway Day, and did you know that the Blogger's Quilt Festival is coming up at Amy's Creative Side?? I love this one! :)

Amy's Creative Side

Such a low key, no rush, no pressure, link up. It really is the "stroll around, take your time, and admire every beautiful quilt out there" kind of event! Almost just like being at the fair, except online! :) I guess it's more like teleporting to who knows how many state fairs and being able to see quilts all over the world! :) be sure to check it out and get your quilts finished for this weekend! I know what I want to share.... just need to finish. :)

Ok, I'm staying off the computer today and taking it easy! My wonderful hubby let me take a 2.5 hour nap after church today! Wow! was that ever nice?! Made me a yummy dinner and cake pops for dessert. :) Yum! We went for a walk, some family came over! It's been an awesome day! OH! And the Mr. gave a talk at church today! He did an excellent job! He is such an amazing man and I'm lucky to have him in my life! :) I'm so glad to know that he loves me! My little ones also brought home some good surprises for me from church, and of course had lots of hugs and kisses. I love them! They also were able to go participate in a musical number today that all the primary children did during sacrament meeting! They were right in the front, Jacks was kind of hanging over the little wall (what do you call that?) the whole time. I always forget how small he is until I see him with a group like that. Once they were up there, right before they were going to start singing they both waved at me! (ok, maybe I started that one. They were too cute to not to though.) It was fun watching them sing the songs, and Hunter started copying the conductor as she would move her arms to sing louder, he would lift up his hands and copy her. He is so cute!! I think watching them perform is the best part about being a mom EVER! :) It really turned out to be a fantastic day!  Thanks babe! And thanks to everyone! :)

 I hope you've all had an amazing day, and especially to the mom's out there (whether literally or figuratively) I hope you all know how special and important you are!!! And that you are definitely loved. :) We would not be what we are today without good mothers! :) Thank you!



  1. What an awesome day!!! I bet those boys were too stinkin' adorable!! And Yay! for Mr. Man being THE man! Happy (day after) Mother's Day, Diane!

  2. Wow it does sound like you had a fantastic day! =D


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