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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Pillows!

This year was a first for Mother's Day Gifts! I'm sure I've given them before, but this year was kind of unplanned turned into definite and distinct gifts for Mother's Day! It was very fun! I think it was a first for being on time with hand made gifts as well! (except for my MIL, I didn't get the pillow in the mail until Saturday morning. but she did receive it yesterday!) All of this also means the first time ever buying pillow forms! (besides the ones my hubby bought at ikea for our big boring pillows. lol.) :)

Yup! I made pillows!

First, for my mom. When I showed her my block for the Paper Pieced Pattern a Day Garden Party Blog Hop (or however that name goes, I never get it right), she gasped and just told me how much she liked it. I've never really seen her act that extreme toward anything I've made before so I knew I had to make it into something for her.

Potter Roses. Pillow finished at 14" x 14".

When I first made the block I was kind of ho-hum about the fabrics I used for the pot, but I am SO glad I did! They totally scream my mom! I used those same fabrics for the sashing and back of the pillow with some light cross hatching quilting for the sashing only. She loved it! :) It was one of those times where I could see it in her eyes how much she liked it! It was kind of a neat experience for me giving it to her.

For my mother in law, I gave her my "practice run" pattern for the Modern She Made Swap project. I can't ever remember now, but I'm pretty sure I planned on making this for her before I started because I know she loves purple. Neil okayed all the colors for it as well.


I say it was a practice run because I used blocks that I pieced together as well as paper pieced blocks. Unfortunately not all of the points came together perfectly, but I still really like it despite it's imperfections.

I used a natural fabric as well as one with a little bit of brown flecks in it, though you can't really see the difference. All the fabrics are Konas.

I LOVE the quilting on this! This is the backside of the top. All these wavy squares create such a great texture!! I'm tempted to quilt it the same way for my MSMS pillow too, but we'll see. This pillow finishes at 12"x12". I'm going to make my partner's pillow 18"x 18", so just a little bit larger. I sure hope she'll like it. 

I even "signed" our names on the back with a little hand stitching. Yikes. That was scary. The thing at the top is supposed to be a heart with 12 in it, for 2012. :)

I think I am definitely getting addicted to pillows! 
I can't wait to get started on mine.... soon enough I hope! :)

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  1. Oooh! I love your Mother's Day pilows. The colors on both are just awesome. And I love the quilting on the purple and white one. I'm a sucker for texture.

    Ikea has great forms for pillows. I always get mine there. They 20" synthetic is only $2.99 or a feather one for $6.99. Plus the synthetics are rolled up and sealed in a bag so they're much smaller for shipping. That is what I sent with my Mother's Day pilow gifts.

  2. Visiting from Quilt Story...I love both your pillows, but especially the white and purple one. The quilting makes it!

  3. Oh, I really like the purple and white pillow! Simple and striking!

  4. I am a fan of the purple pillow, too. It really catches the eye!

  5. They both look great! Love the potted flowers! =D

  6. Both look great and I can totally see the heart with the 12 in it!!!


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