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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pinterest Anyone?

I had this idea the other night... but let me start from the beginning before I tell it to you. :)

When we started The One Stop Giveaway Shop someone suggested we make a site for quilt alongs I think. I agree that is a fantastic idea!

Flash forward to the other night: I was thinking about tutorials and how to help spread the word about them so people can find them and use them. I also thought about the long list of tutorials for key fobs that Susan put together for the RATZ Swap.

Put those two together plus a little Pinterest and here's my idea! literally. It's HERE. on Pinterest.

Originally I was thinking that you could change the settings to let anyone post to your boards, so I figured I'd just let everyone post tutorials they find. But then I realized that people can only post who you've invited to post. Road block. But then I figured I'd just ask, Do you want to help me build up on these boards on Pinterest??? Each board is specifically catered to specific topics for specific searching! Well, check it out! There are loads of Tutorials: Quilting, Quilt blocks, Quilting techniques. (What can I say? I love quilting!) Sewing projects, Bags, Knit, Crotchet, and of course anything else can EASILY be added that I forgot! Like key fobs! Maybe I could add inspiration boards as well for any that don't have tutorials so they don't get mixed in. Anyway, so what about those wonderful Quilt Alongs? I figure since they don't really ever expire, I mean once their over people don't usually take them off their blogs. So I think pinning them would be a good idea! and all of this will be easier to do and maintain than another blog to upkeep.

Now what about all that Pinterest drama? As far as I know it's been somewhat resolved by their new terms of use? I don't know. But I either way I think some good Pinterest etiquette is definitely required! New pins pinned from their original source, including links and names in the descriptions. Giving the credit where credit is due is always nice.

Anyway, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Do you like to pin and would like an invite to help pin your favorite items, tutorials, and QAL's? Boards are definitely not limited to what I have in there. That's just all I had time to think of for the moment. :) Shoot me your Pinterest name and I'll add you to the boards you want to pin to! :) And there's no pressure. It's not a race. But I think in the end it will be quite an awesome resource to turn to for ANY swap, or project you're working on! :)

Even if you don't want to pin, but you think it's a good idea, let me know too! :) A little encouragement goes a long way around here. ;)



  1. Seems like a great idea! I am going to go be a follower!

  2. I like your idea of compiling tutorial links, but please ask the pinners to ask permission from the bloggers who created the tutorials. Not everyone is comfortable with Pinterest, even with their new policies.

  3. I'd love to help. My pinterest name is courtlyons. Pinterest did create something bloggers can use to exclude their blogs from being pinned.

  4. This is genius !!

    I'd love to help you :)
    Here's my photostream (for my name) : http://pinterest.com/marikao/

  5. What a fantastic idea! I would love to help! My pinterest name is Lori Hartman. :)

  6. great idea!! I'd love to have a "round up" type place so I don't have to search for things. I'd love to help pin things!
    Only issue I can forsee and I'm not sure what could be done about it...but, we all read alot of the same blogs, so I'm sure it will happen that more than one of us will pin the same tutorial when we see it. Not really a big deal, but just a thought. Maybe the duplicates can be deleted out or something?

  7. Check out snapguide.com
    Its a website someone created for everyone to share tutorials on, in pictures. There are some really cool things on there. I think that eventually it will be the pinterest of tutorials. :-)

  8. You, my friend, are too clever! co-incidence is a funny thing - I have just set up a board on my Pinterest page for Tutorials!!! Anyway, therefore, your idea must be genius!! I would love to contribute to your boards - my Pinterest account is Sew Well Maide.


  9. can i just say it makes me giddy to see my name blogged?? well it does. thanks again for mentioning me and the swap. will the board be included in my boards or just yours? will we be able to limit duplicates? because you know i pin stuff ive already pinned!!


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