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Thursday, May 31, 2012

RATZ Swap: A key fob sent. A key fob received.

I finished my key fob yesterday! Wahoo! It was fun. I am really starting to like handy work. As in I think I want to incorporate it into everything! :) And I definitely love Summersville even more now! I think I'll have to take some of this and my embroidery tools with me in the car when we move.


This little fobby is pretty little. 1.5" by 1.5". 
In my opinion, perfect for a key chain that you can still be able to slip into a pocket.

I used a more designer key ring. I hope you like it Partner! I think it makes it look a little more fancy? lol.

It was kind of hard to take pictures of this because I could either take close up pictures.


...or close up pictures.


I did get some instagram shots. I guess that changes up the photos a little. ;)

Key Fob instagram photo 3

Key Fob instagram photo 4

I hope my partner likes it. I think I want to make more of them. How many key fobs are too many on one key chain? ;)
(are you so bored of these pictures yet? lol.)

Here's what I received from Teach26 (@milr26).


Look at these awesome goodies!!!
I absolutely LOVE that orange fabric!!
and I totally wanted a wrist strap like this!! Score!


The mini pouch is SO great too! These turtles are awesome! :) She was SUPER nice and sent me some bicycle fabric too!! Thank you thank you!! :D

This was a fab swap! They are doing fabric magnets next.
I'll be sitting that one out, but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for future rounds.
Thanks all you wonderful swap mamas for putting together such a great swap!

p.s. Linking up at Canoe Ridge Creations!



  1. Really cute stuff! The one you made, and the package you received.

  2. Such awesome key fobs to send and receive! Such a shame you're sitting out next months =D

  3. both are too cute
    i really liked your stitching
    too bad you are sitting this round out

  4. very pretty and oh so tiny! great job. :)

  5. your key fob is so precious! love embroidery!

  6. Seeing this linked up on Fabric Tues made me smile - as did seeing the keychain linked up on my keys does every day! :) Thanks!

  7. Your keyfob is amazing!! And so is everything else too!! Wish I had been a part of that swap - amazing things are coming out of it! Stopping in from Quilt Sotry Fabric Tuesday :)

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