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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giant Granny Square Progress!

I am so excited for this! Who knew that hand quilting would be so fun?! I am loving this! On Friday I basted, marked my lines, framed my quilt and cut my pearl cotton!


Then it started!

I am by no means awesome at this, but it's a lot of fun! :)

I did some research and learned some good tips from Rachel at Stitched in Color here and here, as well as from Anna Maria Horner here and here (Thanks Melinda for the links!).

I am using a Q-Snap Lap Frame 17x17 and I LOVE it!!! I am using most of the supplies that Rachel lists here. Like these Clover Water Soluble Pencils. They are nice! Though I bought my pearl cotton from Michael's and they didn't have a great selection of colors in the 8, so I am using size 5. I like it, though I'd like to try more of the bigger sized thread sometime. I also learned a few tricks from my mom that I'll share with you soon so I don't forget them! Oh, and someone had said not to spray baste it, but then I read that Rachel did, and I totally love spray basting so I went right ahead and did it. So far it's worked great! :)


The thing I love most about hand quilting so far is that it's SO easy to stop and go! The perfect project for when my little ones are off playing but still need me every 5 min. Unlike crotchet or quilting, I don't even have to think about coming to a stopping point before I can put it down. I LOVE it! I think I will be doing a lot more hand work this summer! Hopefully I can gain the patience for it as well and learn to not rush my stitches.

My little ones love it too! At one point Jacks INSISTED that it was raining and I had to stop so we could hide under it for a few minutes. Talk about interruption friendly! ;)

Do you want to make a Giant Granny Square?? I'll post a tutorial soon. :) I have a little bit of figure to do for the numbers and then I'll have it ready. (Thanks to my dad for being a math wiz and helping me out! I think I'll get the sizing right next time!) Until, then, I will be stitching away! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!! :)



  1. love the extra color pop this is bringing it. it will look so wonderful all done up!

  2. It looks awesome! I think I need to invest in a 17" quilt frame and the other tools. I hand quilted my entry for the Modern Mini contest at ELQ and fell in love. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. I'll have to keep hand quilting in mind while I plan out my DS charm quilt. :)

  3. Oh Diane, it looks fantastic!! I love the orange thread against the green and blue.
    In a few weeks I'll be starting up a weekly handwork linky party, I'd love it if when I do, you posted your work in it :-)

  4. The hand stitching looks great so far! I also have Granny quilts to err quilt ha! =D

  5. Is there a tutorial for this quilt? Thanks, suzan

  6. Hi,
    You mentioned writing a tutorial for the Giant Granny Square, did you ever post it and can I have the link please.

    Thank you


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