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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday {5.2.2012}

There have been a few changes around here... the wees ones have either stopped napping, or aren't napping at the same time = midday-mom-time is null. Deep breath. ;) My oldest "uses" my camera all the time (sneaky boy) and it is having issues... but I think I've figured it out. Phew. A bit of ADD project hopping and I actually feel like I've made some good progress on things! Yippy! :) All in all it's been an awesome week!

I had my list of things I wanted to finish in April, you can see my post about it here. I don't think I finished any of them. Over the weekend as I realized that the month was just about over, I went ahead and whipped up three quilt backs and cut what batting I had for those quilts! Now I just need to do some basting and I can finish up three two of my quilts! Wahoo!! I still need to finish the back for my kaleidoscope quilt, and I need my batting to arrive for Mabel's quilt... so I'm almost there.

Here's what's ready to be finished:

disclaimer: whenever I take pictures with orange, the orange goes crazy bright and all the other colors go muted. any idea why??? the colors aren't great in all of these, but you get the idea.

Giant Granny Square:

I was so nervous about this because with all that bias sewing the first time I sewed on the sashing it was wavy city! Luckily I figured it out and I think it finished up rather nicely. :)

The Back
crazy bright colors! It looks better in person. It's ok. I am going to do hand quilting on this one, I'm excited to try it out. So hopefully that will help pull the back together as well. 

do.Good Stitches Quilt from last fall:

I think I have about a million pictures of this one, but I need a side-by-side comparison with the back, rigth?! :)

The Back
I don't have yardage, so I pulled from the colors on the front, and went with a variation of square-in-square. The greens are brighter, as well as the blue. I hope when I get this finished I'll be able to take better photos that are a bit more real to life. This is the first time I've just pulled fabrics together and pieced a back like this. It was fun and I like how it came together.

Mabel's Quilt
I am SO close. I still don't know how to quilt it though! I want to do flowers, but I'm not very good at them. Both of the boys quilts were quilted by a "professional" so they are amazing with stars and leaves. Maybe I should practice a little more and just do it. Only 9 more days to finish it!! ok, I forgot. I probably won't make it in time because the batting for this quilt is in the mail. It's the worst when you go to finish a quilt and you're out of batting! I'd love to get one of these huge rolls of Warm & Natural!! wouldn't that be awesome?! Only drawback... did you see the price? I'm sure in the end it's a better deal. maybe one day. ;)

The Back
How easy is this?! I thought I was going to need to piece the back because the quilt was too wide, but it turned out perfectly! Yay! And now I have a huge amount of leftover pink minky. :) It's so soft!!

I do have a finish to celebrate too!

My Paper Piecing Tutorial

Ok, the tutorial isn't yet finished, but the block is. The pictures are all taken. The post is written up. Just a few more finishing touches and I'll post it today... sooner if the little ones nap today. :) Sorry if you've been waiting for this!!
(this tutorial is broken up into a few posts: supplies, cutting, and piecing)

Alright, linking up at Freshly Pieced
I hope you've having a lot of success in finishing up your projects as well! :)



  1. Your giant granny makes me so happy! I love her so much!

  2. I fully agree - giant grannies are seriously cool :)

  3. Wow ! That's a lot of projects ready to be finished ! What are you going to do after that ?

    I agree with the two above, your giant granny square is so cool !!

  4. Love all those beautiful quilts!

    PS that big roll of batting is on sale for a little less at: http://www.joann.com/warm-natural-cotton-batting-queen-size-90-x-40yds/xprd780191/. More importantly, here's the FREE shipping code: MDX126.

  5. Love your wips! and your large granny :)

  6. I got my warm and natural roll online at Joanns... with a 40% off coupon and free shipping. :)

  7. What great projects on the list! All in such gorgeous bright colours! Loving the quilts! Make sure you always order way more batting/wadding than you will ever need! Check eBay they have some great deals =D

  8. all your projects are wonderful, but I really love that giant granny square - way cool!


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