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Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 for 1: a Label. a Binding. Love.

I really like labels on quilts and handmade items! I love knowing the stories behind things and being able to remember who made it and when. This is a problem for me though, because I always forget to label my quilts. I think about it after I've quilted it, and really don't want to slap something on there that will show through to the front.... what to do?!?!

 When I made Mikaela's Quilt I actually used my sewing machine to stitch my "label" onto some fabric, folded it over the binding and sewed it on. :) I actually kind of like it! But it was a bit bulky right there.

this is the worst picture ever! But seems to be the only one I took of the label... but you get the idea.

Recently I finished up another quilt and had the same problem! NO Label! Doh. This time I did something a little different and stitched it right onto the actual binding! :)


What do you think???

Here's how I did it. (First I practiced on a scrap binding - but besides that...) I stitched my letters with the bottom lined up 3/8" from the raw edge of my binding strip (already pieced and folded in half - ready to sew onto the quilt). I sewed through both layers of fabric and it worked great. If you are only sewing through one layer I'd suggest adding some interfacing or something for support (? I can't think of the technical word). :)


Then sew your binding on 1/4" from the edge, on the front of your quilt.


See how it lines up so nice?


I cut my binding 2.5", but if you do a 2.25" it will work out the exact same (just not as thick on the back). Then finish your binding! You can hand stitch it which is super nice, or you can machine sew it. I used Rachel's tutorial for a zigzag binding here, or at Red Pepper Quilts there is this tutorial here (which is what I used on this quilt. I like it! I need a little practice with it, but am sure I'll do it this way plenty more times!) :)



  1. I like that idea for doing the binding. Such a great way to add a label.


  2. Genius Diane! I'll definitely give this a try!

  3. This is great for a quilt with a pieced backing which turns out as nice as the front. Sometimes I dont want to label the front or back, but I always label anyways. I will be using this method. Thank you.


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