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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strawberries, a Finished Block, and a Pattern!

I saw strawberries at the store the other day! Can you believe that they are already in stores? It seems way too early. But you know what I did? I bought some! The one thing I do every year, without fail, is make strawberry freezer jam!! YUM!!! :) It is my favorite. And with a momma that loves it, 3 growing and hungry boys, and a little girl that will soon be introduced to it, I'm thinking I'm going to need to make a LOT more of it this year! It seems like every year we run out of it sooner and sooner. Just 5 1/2 more hours until I can eat some! ;)

Ok, enough talk about food. ;)

I finished up my Scrap Attack block! :)

kind of crazy, eh?!

I have a few ideas with this! I don't know if I'll use it for my [4x5] Bee Block like I planned, but I definitely want to do some more with it! I'm thinking of continuing with the warm/cool pattern, except in the middle star I want to put white in the center (or maybe a white with a little color print), and then make each middle star monochromatic for each block, so one will be red, one pink, one yellow, etc. It'll have to be a place as you go, so I can match up the cool colors as well. :)

You could also put smaller blocks together so they are all facing the same direction, rather than rotating them to fit as in the above picture. It would make it look like a crazy pointy/zigzag mess! But definitely has potential! :)
the possibilities are endless!!! :)

Here's a quick preview I made up of the first design. Though if I really did this, it would look a lot different than this, using different fabrics and all. But I like the design together. It's kind of crazy busy, but fun! :)

Do you want to make this too??? I turned the block pattern into a pdf so you can print it out too!

You can find it HERE in my shop. 
(This is for PERSONAL USE ONLY! All rights reserved.
There is also a LIMITED USE license pattern available for purchase in my shop, giving you permission to sell items made with this pattern on a small scale.
Please link back to my blog or craftsy shop and give credit when due if using this pattern. Thanks!)

A few things to note if you are new to paper/foundation piecing:
  • Make sure to cut around the outside of the shaded square. This is your seam allowance, so when you sew blocks together, everything will line up correctly.
  • Adjust your stitch length to 1.5 - makes removing the paper easier.
  • Sew just past the ends of the lines - makes it a little easier to pull the paper off when you're finished and not pull the seams out.
  • Sew on numbers 1-9 first. When you get to 10-14, it really doesn't matter which side you do first.

If you've never paper pieced before, there are so many great tutorials online to help you learn. (This is the tutorial I used to first learn. It's really simple and basic. My first project was a pineapple block that I made into my seat cushion.)

If there is something that doesn't make sense, be sure to let me know! :)

If you make something with this I'd love to see it! 
Please share it in the from blank pages flickr group! :)



  1. I love that block. New to quilting so not yet ready to jump into paper piecing but its cook the ideas that you can do when doing it that way.


  2. Very Nice! thank you for the PDF.

  3. Ouuu, ouuuu, ouuuu! I LOVE how this turned out- so different from what I expected! I am printing the pattern right now :) yippee! Thank you so much!!
    And yipee for strawberry freezer jam :)

  4. totally love this block! we make raspberry jam and lilac jelly with raspberries and lilac from our yard. lilac jelly is a big hit every year - it's a very lovely kinda fruity honey; excellent baked into butter cookies. nom nom nom.

  5. In love with this block! Bright and beautiful!

  6. i'm not sure i've adequately expressed how fab this is :) love it!

  7. i can't get the link to the pdf to work- any ideas? this is wonderful!

  8. I can't get the link to the pdf to work either. What is the problem?

  9. Here's the link to the Craftsy pattern:


    I LOVE it!


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