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Monday, February 13, 2012

Still time to plan your Valentine's Day Date!

A few years ago the hubby and I went all out for our Valentines Day! (I've just been reading over it and remembering how much fun we had together before our lives became overpacked with little kiddos. ;) lol. We still have fun... but if you have lots of little kiddos, I'm sure you know what I mean. It's just different) :D

Anyway, I thought I would share the layout and games with you in case you still need some ideas!

I think I will actually just copy and paste it to keep it interesting. It makes me laugh! ;)

"...For our great day, Neil provided Valentines (Dinner) Around the World! He had put together a playlist of music from all around the world. He would always ask me, "Where's this one from?" and I would respond, "I don't know. I hate this game." He always makes me guess what the song is or who the artist is, and I am the absolute WORST at that! He made some SUPER Delicious T-bone steaks! (USA) Yummy!!! (I really want to eat some more right now, they were so good.) Along with some yummy yams (the Caribbean - they really are from there too. Neil looked it up.), salad, Italian dressing (Italy) ginger ale (England - originally), and Perrier (France) - which we ended up mixing with Cranberry juice (based on Apfel Schorle - a German drink where they mix carbonated mineral water with apple juice. It makes the mineral water MUCH more bareable!) It turned out pretty good. The whole dinner was delicious!

"We then proceded to my portion of the evening: The Entertainment. :) We have a game called Bananagrams, which is also called Speed Scrabble - super fun game. But I made up before hand some variations on scoring. I picked out some valentine's words, and if you made any of them you got extra points; for every "L", "O", "V", "E" that you used, you got an extra 5 points; after counting your points/letters, if you could rearrange your letters to make certain words (had to have all the letters needed) you got extra points. It was fun, and I think it took as long to count our points as it did to play the game. :) It was fun. The winner also got a "Love Buck", basically a coupon for something (cookie, soda, dessert, massage, favor, item of choice). I really won, but Neil fudged the numbers so he won. We both got Love Bucks.

"Then we went onto our other game. I had previously put together a playlist, on Playlist.com, of valentine's songs, and then picked a phrase from each song, and made up 6 different "Valentine's Music Bingo" cards. They each contained a heart as the free space as well. Then I put the playlist on shuffle, and if we had that song or phrase from the song on our board then we could cover it up. When someone got a Bingo, they cleared that board and traded with another one (we played with two boards at a time), recieved a Love Buck, and continued onto the next portion of the game. When I was at Sam's I saw those big containers of different flavored Jelly Beans and just had to get one - which leads us to the next portion of the game: the Bingo winner would then recieve a jelly bean chosen by the other player, whithout seeing what it looked like, and then have to guess what flavor it was. For example: Neil got a bingo, I would pick out a jelly bean and compair it to the pictures so I would know what flavor it was. Without Neil seeing I would put it in his mouth and he would have to guess what flavor it was. If he got it right, we would continue on with bingo, repeating the whole game. Now if we DIDN'T guess the flavor right, ****HERE IS WHERE ALL INNOCENT MINDS SHOULD SKIP OVER READING THEPURPLE TEXT AND CONTINUE WITH THE BLACK TEXT*** , if we didn't guess it, we would have to remove one article of clothing. :) I made sure to have lots of layers on. ;) It is SO hard to guess flavors!!!!!!!!!! You should all try to just guess it at least! And then we would continue as usual. It was a fun game, with a fun twist - Neil thought it was a good idea too, so I thought I would share, in case anyone else wants to play in the future. :)"

If you want, here is the playlist that I made for the Bingo game: http://pl.st/p/15098345227

I turned the Bingo cards into PDF's. Just click on the link under each card. I included the "Love Bucks" too if you want. :) Remember, I made them a couple of years ago, so they aren't top notch design. lol.






Love Bucks1

Love Bucks

Hope you all have a Happy Day tomorrow!! :)

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  1. Cute ideas!

    Glad we just have the dog so far... still can do our dinner out/pick up dessert/snuggle date ;-) Always a classic haha.


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