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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guess who just joined in on the Giveaway?!?!

Wonderful Randi of Fresh Squeezed Fabric!!

Check out this beautiful collection of fabric she is offering to one lucky reader!! The perfect amount to make your Cash Envelope Wallet in!! (I would love this!)

Outfoxed in Outplayed, Tufts in Outplayed, Dark Purple/Blue Jewel in Outplayed
All are from Lizzy House' Outfoxed collection

I sure wish I could win this!! :) I would definitely want to keep my cash in it so I could carry it around everywhere (you know, instead of spending all my money and leaving my wallet empty, and thus having to leave it at home.) ;)

Giveaway ENDS TODAY, so make sure you hurry to this post and enter!!

And if you haven't bought your fabric yet for your envelope, head on over to Fresh Squeezed Fabric and pick some out! She always has such a beautiful collection!! 


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