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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 hours and counting!

I figure I should come up with a time that the giveaway ends... probably should have done that from the beginning. oops! lol. :)

I was going to say 2 hours, but I'll probably be spending time with the hubby then, as that is right after he gets home. Then I thought 3 hours, but I'm sure I'll be sitting at the table eating dinner then... so how about 4 hours? Ok, 4 and a half. I'll pick the winner at 7:30 pm MST. We have some awesome contributors to it! (Zipit and Fresh Squeezed Fabrics!!!) So don't wait too long!!

enter HERE

Wondering why I am posting this? Because I should be working on some sewing projects that have deadlines coming up sooner than I have time to think about them... but I'm not. Ok, now I am... (crossing my fingers - nap babies! nap!)


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