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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Custom Crafty Sewing

My cousins boy is the exact same age as my youngest boy (I think they are only an hour or so apart) and they both have crazy curls! :) Too fun! For her baby shower I made her a carseat blanket. Simply some minky sewn together, and some turtle applique, along with a couple of elastic loops to hook to the carseat so it doesn't fall out and get dirty. (the WORST thing to happen, especially during a snowy, dirty, Utah winter.) ;)


Well, a little while ago she asked for another one for her second boy (it made me so giddy when she said the first one was her oldest's *favorite*). :D  So I went looking for fabric, and with a request for some orange, here's what I came up with

I love this fabric!! :) (Riley Blake flannel - I think the line is "All Boy" or something?) 
I hope they like it too!

I added some stitching in the stars to hold the layers together.

I used flannel for the top and minky for the back (turquoise dimple dot).


I made one of these for Mabel for Christmas, but added a layer of batting in it. I do not recommend batting. It made it way too stiff to really be useful. I think I'll make her a new one... ;)

This is happily on it's way to the post office today! :)
(I always get anxious about making things for people. What if they hate it??? :/ but I like it, so if they don't I'll keep it and happily do it over.) ;)

I tested it out with Little M to check the size

Hum, I wonder what she thinks of it?!

"It's a winner!" ;)

I also took pictures of something else today... but those pictures will have to wait! ;) ;)



  1. Who wouldnt love that :) I must confess I worry terribly if I make something for someone else :( think it takes the enjoyment away by all my self inflicted stress :(


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