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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday {2/8/12}

Things have been so busy around here... it is definitely time for a WIP post so I can get a handle on things and hopefully knock some stuff out of the way!! :)

I guess this also means that I will be posting the Cash Envelope Sew-Along giveaway tomorrow! (I've got  a couple things that HAVE to be done first.) ;) So be sure to come back!!

First off, a few finishes, in case you missed them: (not necessarily ordered the same as the picture)

Recent Finishes

I think that's all the recent stuff anyway!! :) I think I can feel pretty good about that list of finishes! Now onto the overwhelming list. ;)

  • Mouthy Swap pouch - here's what I'm thinking. 
Mouthy Stitches pouch idea: "Mushroom Patch"
Just getting ready to clear off my desk and get to work on this! I think it will be fun! :)
  • Potholder pass (this one isn't secret, at least for my partner and I. Any pics of this will have to wait until after she gets it.)
  • a pincushion for A {Modern} Bee feb swap - I have a few ideas floating around in my head for this one.... just need to decide! ;)
  • FTLOS swap - this one is coming along quite nicely... though it's way more time consuming than I thought it would be. I still have a little time, thank goodness! ;)  
FTLOS Round 2 - How about this? 
  • Sending out fabric today for the [4x5] Charm swap and the I Spy charm swap
  • I also need to send out the fabric for the Moody Blues Group! This one is a top secret project... but boy does it take a lot of fabric and cutting!!! I am sure grateful for the help of my Bee members!!! :)

and perhaps a few more things that I'm forgetting... 
I'll just have to work on these until I remember! ;)

Linking up at Freshly Pieced! :) 
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  1. I am pretty sure that Christmas zigzag should come live with me:) Great projects this WIP-wednesday! :)

  2. lovely colourful finishes ... and a long list to work on. Nice sketch, if I had done it you wouldn't be able to recognise a tree or a star. Happy Sewing.

  3. Yes I checked out the video and I put it on my blog and a couple of people have mentioned how useful it is!

  4. I love that string block. It's awesome.


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