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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's a Sew Along if you're not Sewing Along?

This just might be the first, and last, sew along where the host is actually sewing along with you! ha. :) I would like to welcome you into my world for just a moment... my world where life is CRAZY!! :) I started the year going 100 mph and it has been non-stop busy! I decided to do this sew along in January, with the intent of having all the posts and wallets finished and ready for this week... but it just didn't happen. (and not because I'm lazy! put down those fingers. lol.) :) I've been doing pretty good keeping right on top of things, as they happen. Until we got sick two weeks ago and stayed sick... but now we're mostly better. But 2 weeks of sickness made us all stir crazy, so when the weather was 55 degrees today, in February, there was no way we could not go out and enjoy it. So out we went!


he was WAY to busy to cheese for the camera! Playing in the dirt is a very serious matter.


I did work a lot on the post for today... but then my Little Lady needed a little extra cuddle time tonight, and now it's 10:30. Sorry!!! But with a smile like hers, I can't resist! :)

Anyway, everything will be ready for tomorrow and we'll just finish up tomorrow! (There isn't much left anyway. Mostly just some tips and the variation for the multi-fabric pockets.) And, since I have no idea who is sewing along with my really crazy sew along... I'm just going to say goodnight for today!

I guess that's what's great about blogging - the world doesn't end if you miss a day, and hopefully all my readers will come back again another day! I really do love you! :) It's been SUPER exciting seeing so many new faces and followers around here lately! As well as making new friends! :) A big shout out to all of you! :D


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