Monday, February 6, 2012

A Christmas Quilt!

My sister-in-law was in town this last weekend so I was able to give her her quilt! :) Yippy! I sure hope she really likes it. ;) Anyway, that means I can now share some pictures with you! :)

Now the hard part is figuring out which ones! ;)

This was my first time doing zigzag quilting and it was a lot of fun! I love how it looks with the pieced zigzags! :)

We've been having the most amazing, and unusual, weather around here! Most days have been absolutely gorgeous, and warm! :)

I had my little buddy come help me with the pictures! He had so much fun!! ;)

Say cheese! :)

I used some red flannel for the back. Finding that fabric was the hardest part! It must have been the lighting in the store, because everything just made me feel like my quilt was ugly. ;( but it actually goes together perfectly I think! :)

And of course the "Linding" = Label + Binding. heehee.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week!

And don't miss the Cash Envelope Sew-Along that will be starting up soon! The first giveaway for supplies will be later this week! :)

I am also linking up at Canoe Ridge Creations, and Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory. So go see what everyone else is up to as well! :)



  1. The quilt is beautiful! I love me some zig zags. But that "linding" is awesome! What a great idea. Could you tell me more about how you did that? I'm assuming you stitched the lettering on before applying the binding?

  2. Just visiting through Sew Modern Monday. This is gorgeous! I love the pattern, the fabric, the colors -- awesome work!

  3. oh what super cute little boy to help photograph such a cute quilt :)

  4. I have been loving zig zags lately...I just made a little one that I look forward to quilting in a similar manner.
    I'm sure your SIL is thrilled with her new quilt! They make the best gifts!

  5. This is a great quilt! Haven't done a zigzag yet but I just love them.

  6. Love the zigzag quilt. I bet she loved it!

  7. Great job on the zigzags! Your sister in law must have loved it!!

  8. I love this. I've made one zigzag and it's still one of my favs. Seeing yours makes me want to make another one!!

  9. love your quilt! it really sings! Sorry about the overload on exclamations, seemed required...

  10. What a happy quilt! Neat idea to incorporate the label into the binding, too.


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