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Saturday, February 18, 2012

My month for Bee a {modern} Swapper

... is not until July. 

BUT I know what I want to do for my blocks. I am SO excited. And I have to document it now or I will never remember. So here it is...

I want to make a Numbers Quilt! :)

there are 6 people in my Hive, so that would be 12 blocks. I think a quilt that is 4 x 4 blocks square would be nice. (so it's square. I just like that shape better for this. I'll make up the extra blocks.) Anyway, I am going to ask each member to pick 2 numbers between 1 and 15 (I'll make the zero block) and make a block for that number. In each block I'll want the actual number (i.e. "10") and then that same number of something (i.e. ten fish). 

How fun will this be?! I think my wee ones would LOVE to play on a blanket where they can see a whole bunch of different items and be able to count them! :) I love things that are fun AND promote learning too!

Some other notes to remember: 
  • only one block of each item - only one block of fishes, one of trees, cars, houses, etc.
  • bright and colorful colors that are the basic colors - only primary and secondary colors. There can/should be multiple colors per block - that allow it. (the number 1 would be a bit harder to incorporate lots of colors.)
  • maybe each person can pick a 1 digit number (1-9), and a 2 digit number (10-15), just to keep it even?! :)

I'll probably come back and edit this post if I think of more ideas. :) Now I can't wait until July!!



  1. Replies
    1. ps. tho - I think we only have 6 people - including yourself - so that means you will be getting 10 blocks total from other bee members if I am not mistaken. That means you will be making 6 blocks yourself to get a 4 x 4 quilt.

  2. I am not in your bee, sorry, but, I am wondering, suppose two people choose the same number? how will you fight it out? and what if the same items are picked for two different numbers? I think you may have to be more organised- or perhaps you already are?

  3. PS the word verification has become more complicated. Two words, one ok, the other weird. You may get fewer comments with this.if the first attempt is not recognised. too frustrating!

  4. what a fun idea!!! now I can't wait until July to see pictures :)


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