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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bee a {modern} Swapper - Pincushion Swap

I finished up my pincushion!! :)


I added a bit of embroidery to spruce it up.




I feel like it is missing something, and that the white strip in the middle is a little bit too wide. But my embroidery skills are not adequate to add anything that will enhance the overall esthetics. I would only destroy it. lol. :) 

It finished up just shy of 3" x 4". I used some Heather Bailey and Kona Chartreuse along with some Kona neutral? I went out and bought some pearl cotton with a gift card my sister gave me last year. :) I was bummed that Michael's didn't have a bigger variety of size 5, so this is 8, but it works I guess. I love colors and it's hard not to buy every one! Though I resisted, because I know I probably will never use them all. well, maybe.

The piecing was really fun! It took a while to get the design just right, but it works. :) I am really loving working with curves lately!

If you have never sewn curves, you can see my technique here. Working with a pattern is basically the same, just make sure you have your 1/4" SA and you are good to go... everything else is the same. :)

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the beginning of the Cash Envelope Sew Along! :)

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  1. It is very dainty, and very pretty, Lucky swap partner! They should be delighted.

  2. I think it's great as is, but stick a few pins in the middle and I bet you'll think it's perfect!

  3. Cute little pin cushion! I watched your video on curved piecing a few weeks back and tried it out for the Mini Modern Quilt Challenge. It worked like a charm! But you will just have to wait to see it,(um, if you want to..:) I still have to quilt it and submissions don't start until March 5! I can't wait! Thanks again for sharing!!!

  4. I don't know where your reply went but I would love to show you now! I'm very proud of my progress. It is a total original creation! The competitive side in me says to wait;) (I want to win..haha) But if you look 3 blogs down on my resent blogs, you can see a peek!

  5. Cute! I love that green, and the embroidery is adorable.


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