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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cash Envelopes Sew Along: Share your Envelopes & Giveaway!

This Giveaway is now Closed

This post is part of the Cash Envelope Sew Along, tutorial segment.
You can read more about this here, along with all with the list of all other related posts.

If you are just joining us, or find this at a later date,
 we are using the pattern from Walter & Veronica. You can find it on Etsy or Craftsy.
A great place to find great zippers at a great price is Zipit on Etsy (use coupon code "fromblankpages" and receive 15% off your order), 
and pick up some great fabric from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics or Sew Fresh Fabrics and you will definitely be saving in style. ;)

Please share any of your photos in the from blank pages... flickr group!

Alright, NOW it's time for the Linky Party and Giveaway! Sorry for the delay over the weekend... so many deadlines right now and not enough sleep er, time. :)

I finished up both of my envelopes! What do you think?
(I'm hoping tomorrow is sunny so I can get some better pics) :)

Wallet 1


made with all Denyse Schmidt fabrics




I love the structure of these with the interfacing. And the style and size. Everything fits great!

Wallet 2





If I made them again I would make the covers just a little bit wider, but then again maybe not. I think they turned out great! This is such a great pattern made by Walter & Veronica! Thanks again!! :)

Now I want to see yours!!! Be sure to link them up here! :)

But before we get to that...

 The Giveaway!!

Here's how it will work:

 I have three prizes.
The first is a free-for-all for everyone who enters! (Linky entries start the counting at 1, then the numbers will continue over to the comments)
The second will be picked from those that link up a wallet in the Linky Party!
The third will be picked solely from those that leave a comment on this post.

You don't have to have made a wallet to win, but it does give you extra entries! 
It is a Sew Along afterall. ;)

Prize 1:

YNAB, aka You Need A Budget, is giving away a free copy of YNAB. 

Never heard of them? They are more than just a budgeting software. They have a whole new concept and methodology of budgeting! I love their system. You can read more about it here in their free pdf format of YNAB.

Another thing that I love about YNAB is that they have free live webinars, with great support for helping you to understand the system as well as succeed with your budget! Anyway, if you are looking for something new, check it out. You might like it. :)

The winner of the Link Up will receive...

A wonderful fabric bundle from Sew Fresh Fabrics!!! 

The florals are brand new from the Stockholm line from Robert Kaufman, just arrived yesterday. 
The dot is an Amy Butler classic Full Moon Polka Dot 
(1) 1/2 yard of the red floral, (2) Fat Eights of the other 2 prints

I think Sew Fresh Fabrics was were I bought my first fabric on Etsy. They are wonderful! and always have such a great selection!! You can't keep from drooling when you visit their shop. haha. ;) They contacted me last week about adding some fabric to this giveaway and there was no way I could say no! :)

***I will pick one winner from everyone who links up a wallet to win this prize.***

The third winner will win... 

DSC_0265 DSC_0266

Wallet # 2!! 

Yup! You will win the beautiful wallet that I made to help put this tutorial together! You will be famous! lol. :D (If no one wants it let me know and I'll keep it! haha.)

To enter the giveaway you get one entry per item:
  • Link up the Cash Envelope Wallet that you made in the linky system & then leave a comment telling me you did so (which also gives you an extra entry for the 1st and 3rd prizes!).
  • Leave a comment on this blog telling me your method to budgeting/saving money - what works for you, or what hasn't worked for you :)
  • Follow me via Bloglovin' or Networked Blogs (since google friend connect is going away?) and let me know that you do

The linky will be open for a long time, but the Giveaway will end 
Saturday March 10th @ 10:00 pm MST.
This Giveaway is now Closed

Excited?! :)

Start linking up!



  1. Cute wallet. We have a certain amount automatically transferred to our savings account each month - that's been a pretty effective way to grow our savings.

  2. Love the wallet! We also have X dollars transferred each month, along with a benefits savings program at hubby's job. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. We started the cash system this month and as of right now I'm using these plain old white envelopes. It would be great to have a wallet for that purpose!! Here's hoping!

  4. Love the fabrics used for the wallet. We use auto transfer from our checks each month. If we don't see the money, we don't miss the money. Thank you for the give away opportunity!

  5. I just found this - I will definitely be looking into making one of these. UNLESS I am fortunate enough to win the beauty you made! Bookmarking this.

  6. I have entered my completed wallet :)

  7. We are rubbish at budgeting! But we have set up a joint account to pay a set amount into each month for essentials. Only problem is, OH hasn't had a job for ages, and hasn't had a proper pay cheque in his new job yet, so we've not *actually* used it yet!

  8. And I follow you on networked blogs :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Cute fabric, I'd like it to live at my house.:). We also have $ automatically moved to savings.

  11. I'm so late. I'm not sure I'm in time. :) But I did actually make one...but never actually blogged, just put a really bad picture up on Flickr. Hopefully sometime I'll get around to it. Thanks for the tips! I made mine the week before you did this, total bummer, but I'm going to do some more, and I agree the cover should be bigger. I lined my zippered pouches too and really like how they turned out. Thanks again!

  12. Just added my wallet to the from blank pages flickr group, I just finished it this morning and love how it turned out. I hate that I was not able to participate in the sew-along/giveaway it was just to hectic of a time for me to try to sew as we had a bug move from NC to TX that same week. I did a few things different and if I make another one for someone else I definitely learned a few other things I would change too. Thanks for all the tips, they really helped since this was the first time I have ever sewn zippers.


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