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Saturday, February 11, 2012

{Cash Envelope Sew Along} Let the GIVEAWAY begin!

This Giveaway is Now Closed

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Fresh Squeezed fabric: giving away some awesome fabric!

Cash Envelope Sew Along button

This giveaway is to start off the Cash Envelope Wallet Sew Along! (You can read more about it here.) I am really excited for this! :) I hope you will join me and tell your friends!

We will be using Walter & Veronica's fantastic pattern, which you can buy on Etsy or on Craftsy - which is nice because you get the pattern instantly (for less than $2!). You will need to buy the pattern to complete this Sew Along. I am not going to be putting exact measurements in my online tutorials, except for extra pieces that I add when making the cotton fabric variation (in her pattern she uses oil cloth - which you are more than welcome to use as well - just don't make any of my changes.)

Before I tell you what I'm giving away, let's go over the supply list! I know it looks like a lot, but I promise it's not! - just some tips along the way. (Measurements will be a generous estimate, which will give you more than enough for what you need. The exact measurements for each piece are in the pattern. If you have questions after reading the pattern about the supplies, leave me a comment with your email.) There really are SO many variations of how you could put this together. To keep this simple I will only put a few variations, and if you have questions on how to do it another way, just ask and I'd love to help you! :)

  • Made by Walter & Veronica, found on Etsy or on Craftsy (you'll receive the pattern instantly through email).


There are 3 different variations for the fabrics, all supplies that start with "*" are the same despite any other differences you make:
  • If you want to use 3 fabrics, as in the pattern, you will need:
    •   (1) 1/2 yrd of fabric for the outside and pockets, 
    • *(1) Fat Eighth (F8) (or 1/8 of a yrd) for the inner lining, and inner strap, 
    • *(1) Fat Eighth (F8) (or 1/8 of a yrd) for the inner pockets, decorative piece, and strap.
  • If you want to use different fabrics for the pockets than what you use for the outside, you will need:
    • instead of the (1) 1/2 yrd, you will need
      • (1) F8 for the outside (we will make 2 pieces from this)
      • (1) piece 24"x16" for pockets 
  • If you want each pocket to be made of different fabric, you will need:
    • (1) F8 for the outside
    • (1) F8 is more than enough for each pocket, or (1) 7.75" x 9" for each pocket


If you are making this with Cotton Fabric instead of Oilcloth, you will need some interfacing to help add support to your cotton as well as give it a little more structure. For the tutorial I will be making two different envelopes (showing the different zipper pocket options), and am also going to try two different variations for the outside lining: 1 with fusible fleece, and 1 with heavy-weight iron on interfacing. You can use any weight of interfacing that you choose, depending on the amount of added support you want. **Note: on the envelope I made previously, I used a home dec weight fabric for the outside without any interfacing, and it is floppier than I like it. I did put cardboard pieces in the inside as she does in the pattern, but that was too stiff for me. What I will be showing in this tutorial will hopefully be a good in between point.**

 Here are the general amounts you will need for the different sections of the wallet:
    • For the outside: 9" x 9"
    • For the inner big pockets, card pockets and check pockets: 11" x 13" (lightweight interfacing works fine here, but you could go heavier as well.)
    • You could also line the zipper pockets if you want. I don't know that I will.

  • Vinyl: 6" x 5"
  • Velcro: .75" wide, 4.25" length (see pattern for more detail)
  • (6) Zippers at least 9" long

Now you can go gather all your supplies and we will start cutting on the 20th! You can start cutting the pieces that are in the pattern if you'd like, but I will be giving more detailed instructions when we start the actual Sew Along! :)

My favorite stops for supplies: (I am only offering these shops because I really like them and enjoy shopping from them... I'm not getting anything for telling you about them. Though I wish I was getting a discount code for you! lol... oh well.) ;)
  • Zippers: Zipit on Etsy! Jennifer is awesome. I love her zippers and all the different colors she has. Great service! If you've ordered from her before don't forget to use your repeat customer code for a discount.   Use the code: "fromblankpages" (all one word) at checkout to receive a 15% discount!
  • Fabric: 
    • Fresh Squeezed Fabrics - love this shop! She has a great selection, as well as a fun blog!
    • Sew Fresh Fabrics - another great shop with a great selection and prices! and she's fast! 
    • Stitch Steals - she sells craft/sewing supplies at a discounted price, though only in 1/2 yrd measurements. Sometimes there are some awesome steals. She's really fast too.
    • Fabric.com - LLAAAAA (singing!) They have SO much fabric! (Also sold by the 1/2 yrd.) They have free shipping for orders over $35, and great return policy. You can Always find a coupon online too!

The Giveaway! (don't worry, I didn't forget at all!! hahaha!) ;)
It just keeps getting better and better... check back for more items being added to the giveaway! 

I am giving away all the supplies needed to make 1 complete wallet! 
Yep, the fabric, zippers, interfacing, vinyl, velcro, the PATTERN! 
(I will have Veronica email the pattern to you. Everything else will come by snail mail.) 

How do you feel about this fabric??? 

Some Denyse Schmidt, a little bit of light denim, and a warm collection of zippers!
I'll send everything else too, it's just not in the pic.

Another lucky winner will receive 6 free zippers of your choice from Zipit!

Outfoxed in Outplayed, Tufts in Outplayed, Dark Purple/Blue Jewel in Outplayed
All are from Lizzy House' Outfoxed collection

Or you could receive this beautiful collection from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics!!

All you need to do to enter is: leave a comment telling me what your financial goals are. :) It can be one goal, or many. 

A few of my goals: actually stick to a budget, and actually stick with using the cash envelope system! :) and get all of our student loans paid off!

Want an extra entry??? Help spread the word and post the Sew Along button somewhere in the online universe and leave me a comment with the link to it! (You don't even have to talk about it! Just pin it on pinterest, or on fb, tweet it, or put it on your blog sidebar. I don't care. :)

The giveaway will close Wednesday and I will announce the winners then (and contact them by email). 

*** If you are a no-reply commenter I will pick a new winner if you don't include your email address in the comments. Sorry! ***


  1. My goals are to not go broke been quilting only a month and wow have I bought too much hehe.

    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

  2. What fun! I currently don't use a cash wallet system, but see the benefits of one. Lovely fabrics as well.

  3. Forgot to mention my goals in my earlier post. My goal is to use the fabric I have to complete current and new projects without purchasing more, at least for a while. :)

  4. We're in pretty good financial shape. Our only debt is our mortgage, so our goal is to have it paid off by the time we're 40. Also we're saving for retirement and kids' futures.

  5. My goal is to get my loan finalized on my home. Pay off my credit card and to pay off all the other little bills that are hanging on.

  6. My financial goal is to keep spending less than I make. I figure that this will ultimately keep me happy. :)

  7. My goal is to get on a manageable budget and actually stick to it. Also to get out of debt so that we can have a fresh start after we finish college.

    I also posted on my FB a link about the sew along and giveaway. https://www.facebook.com/mamato2princesses

  8. my goal is to save more money this year than last :) hopefully that will be easier, since we're no longer planning the wedding!

  9. My goal is to start making a little extra money selling the lovely things I sew.

  10. my goal is to also track our spending more accurately and start using the cash envelope system. we have tried in the past and failed miserably so it's time to give it another shot!

  11. My goal is to use more coupons and also to make my small home business more successful this year.
    goldiez at hotmail dot com

  12. Posted your button on my blog.
    goldiez at hotmail dot com

  13. Hiya, my goal for this year is to pay off my overdraft and start saving for our wedding!

  14. One goal is just to make wiser purchases: ie, get back into using coupons (which I used to do quite well years ago). Just because we happen to be weathering this period of economic strain well enough doesn't mean we can slack off on saving. Preparing for change/upset, as well as retirement, is so important, esp now. I'm also doing my best to make all gifts, esp for Christmas.

  15. And I popped your button on my blog

  16. We have been trying to reduce debt as much as possible (the medical school loans aren't happening right now, but the rest is free game)

  17. My husband and I tried the cash system once...it was great....then Christmas came along, LOL.

    We are trying to get back into the cash system, I have a zipper pouch with dividers that I like, but this pattern was what I wanted to begin with! I never win anything, so it would be great to win now! (P.S. I love zipit too!)

  18. My financial goal is to get it all under control - especially food. I think we spend a fortune on groceries by going back and forth (even with a list) and then eating out, etc. Really need to get it all undercontrol, no overdrafts at the bank, a routine to pay bills, etc. REALLY need to concentrate on finances.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. I really just need to save every penny this year! No more buying fabric/craft supplies unless it's really necessary =/ Got our wedding coming up and trying to move out!